For developers operating in a COVID19, time sensitive, budget conscious industry - constructability matters. 

Pre-Construction is an ever-growing, vital part of the building process. 

Our clients view their completed project in vivid detail before breaking ground. 

Top Backyard View.png

Utilizing 3D modeling and high definition rendering software, we work with clients in Los Angeles and around the country to bring their architectural plans to life.  For clients without finalized designs, we also provide conceptual modeling for ideas big and small.


All models are built to specification and prepared to connect to the virtual reality experience.  Before breaking ground, our clients are able to make important and necessary changes to their project - saving time and money. 

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  • All major angles of the property

  • Light framing (trees, landscaping, cars, etc.)

  • Video experience (touring the entire property)

  • Built to scale / v.r. ready