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a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

Ubuntu is a constructo-tech company driven towards a mission of urban resilience. We believe that a builder today must be equipped with a solid pre-construction plan.  We believe that communities today must be equipped with multiple plans for urban resilience.


See July 2021 Edition of Biz NOLA Magazine:
Ubuntu owners, Greg and Nicole Nixon, as New and Notable Business Honorees!!

City Green 5.png


Ubuntu was established in 2019, dedicating its work toward stormwater management interventions around the City of New Orleans.  The company worked as a subcontractor, successfully installing 21 green infrastructure projects in its first year - 12 of which were a part of NORA’s Community Adaptation Program.  During its second year, Ubuntu expanded its services in high resolution 3D modeling for luxury residential properties in Los Angeles.  Ubuntu’s work in 3D modeling has a goal of illustrating what is possible for urban resilience, both in New Orleans community development and beyond.  Ubuntu’s mission is to encourage community development towards initiatives that support urban resilience and sustainability.


About Greg Nixon

Greg Nixon Jr. is a retired professional athlete. Contracted with Asics shoe company, he competed for 8 years and is a 3X World Champion and 2X U.S. Champion on the 400m in Track & Field. As a professional athlete, Greg spent time traveling the world and pursuing masters education in architecture from the University of California Los Angeles. While he did not have the opportunity to complete all masters hours at UCLA, he continued in the field several years as an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity. As a celebrity ambassador, he traveled with the organization, assisting participating families with the process of building their homes.


Greg has continued to build upon his knowledge in construction. He has a passion for modular building, green infrastructure, and technology. He has recently began providing high quality 3D modeling and renderings for a growing clientele of professionals representing multi-million dollar homes in the Los Angeles area. Greg is credited with contributing to the conceptual design for USC's Track & Field facility, breaking ground in the spring of 2020 at $16 million dollars. He has earned national certification in inspecting, installing, and maintaining green infrastructure from the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program. He is in the process of studying and earning a multistate licensing in Commercial General Contracting.


About Nicole Nixon

Nicole Nixon started her career in athletics, working as a Division-1 Strength and Conditioning Coach at Arizona State University. She lead her own fitness consulting business for 10 years before moving into clinical leadership in the physical therapy field. She was also launched into

executive leadership at Southern California Health Institute.


While working with their two young sons in the home, Nicole co-owns Ubuntu Construction Company alongside her husband. She completes all estimates and inquiries for the company's stormwater management projects, she searches for and positions for business financial capital,

she builds and maintains relationships with business vendors, she oversees payroll, human resources, and all back office aspects of the company. Nicole has a strong vision for organizational development, a passion for civic engagement, and a record of serving into responsibilities that require high levels of leadership. As a writer, Nicole's work can be seen in a variety of publications, such as Big Easy Magazine. Her writing focuses on subject matters pertinent to leadership, business, and advancing the African American community.

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