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Ubuntu is Certified by the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program.

Ubuntu is Licensed Horticulturist by the State of Louisiana.  


Photo: Greater Treme Consortium, Inc

The effects of climate change are happening now.  Depending on your location on the planet, you are seeing a rise in the intensity of seasons - hotter summers and colder winters.  Many are suffering from experiencing the wildfires along the west coast of the United States.  For many others in a region like New Orleans: the increased frequency of flooding has forced communities into a lifestyle of living with water. 


Ubuntu takes on a posture of caring for our world and our community.  The mission of Urban Resilience is a reflection of the heart of Ubuntu.  We believe in remodeling and designing communities that are able to withstand the effects of global warming, particularly for underserved communities that will, likely, otherwise suffer hardest from the impact of climate change. 


The process is cyclical: the planet is getting warmer, the storms are intensifying, hurricanes are strengthening, and communities are being impacted.  Utilizing green infrastructure, we work to disrupt the cycle.  Green infrastructure installations aim to mimic natural processes to manage stormwater while also creating healthier urban environments that contribute to cooling the planet and reversing the effects of global warming. 

Green Balconies


  • Concrete Demolition

  • Permeable Paving Installation

  • Infiltration Trench Installation

  • Bioretention Facility / Rain Garden Installation

  • Rain Barrel Installation 

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